Rodent & Critter Removal Services

bats in a cornerDo you hear a thumping or scratching noise coming from within your walls or attic? Have you noticed unexplained damage to electrical wiring or pipes? If so, you may have an unwanted critter living in your home. Many homeowners do not realize how common it is to have “wildlife” such as mice or rats, squirrels, birds, raccoons, snakes and even bats to take residence within their home. These pesky critters are known to cause homeowners major headaches due to extensive repairs caused by damage to wires, plumbing, sheetrock, insulation, and roofing, just to name a few. If that isn’t enough, all wildlife are capable of spreading diseases and/or illnesses to humans as well as pets.

All homes throughout the US, new or old are at risk for wildlife habitation. However Georgia, being one of the fastest growing states in the US has a greater potential. feces and urineAs the housing market grows so does the population. With this increase evolving, it leaves less and less natural habitats for wild critters, causing them to find shelter elsewhere such as your home attic, crawlspace and basements.

Adcock Pest & Wildlife Services wildlife technicians are licensed professionals that are trained with the up to date requirements and techniques to handle any urban wildlife problem you may encounter. Our technicians are also trained to work with a variety of insurance companies chewed wiresin the event that removing your uninvited guest is covered under your home owner’s insurance policy. We stand behind our work and each exclusion service we offer comes with its own individual warranty guarantee.

Don’t risk your health or your home by waiting any longer. Contact us for your free inspection and we will help you take your home back!